(Photo:) Radio Operator, WWII. Credit: US Army Signal Corps

  Honoring Vets 2016

Thank You to everyone who helped make our Adopt-A-Va program a success again this Veterans Day.  We reached to nearly 50 VA's.  Check back as we check our final numbers, and add more content to this page.  In the meantime check the links below for

our most recent coverage.

Thank you again.

Thanks as always to all of our media supporters and FOX for always being there.

 A Very Special THANK YOU to Jane Lynch (whose segment aired just around ours) a Chicago native - not only does she know her pizza, but she took time to give a special shout out to the Troops and also to our efforts. This is why her segment appears below and we thank her again.   She said to enjoy your pizzas...better listen...

(and Congrats on your Lifetime Achievement award Jane!)