July 8, 2015

Friday and Sunday (9-2-2016 to 9-4-2016) we had the opportunity to show our appreciation to the disaster relief volunteers who are working so hard supporting the people in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Click to see more pictures of our support for the Flood efforts.

Pizzas 4 Patriots is proud to announce that we will be honoring the patriots that put their lives on the line every day to protect us here at home with our First Responders Initiative.

First Responders are emergency personal who are the first dispatched to respond to accidents, natural disasters, and even terrorist attacks that happen on U.S. soil. They are the paramedics that administer live saving medicine when an individual can’t make it into the emergency room, the fire fighters that use the jaws of life to pry accident victims out of a totaled car, and the police who help domestic abuse victims escape violent situations.

Pizza 4 Patriots would like to thank the patriots who are responsible for keeping us safe at home by sending a slice to those who save lives.

Has a First Responder helped you, or someone you love? Have you witnessed an extraordinarily heroic act by emergency personal? NOMINATE YOUR HERO FOR PIZZA