Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers not only take the stage, but also set the stage for a very stirring halftime tribute to the Soldiers.

Operation Pizza Bowl allows deployed U.S. military service members to kick back with a slice and enjoy the big game by hosting pizza parties on Superbowl Sunday.   This project was originally intended to provide soldiers overseas with Chicago-style deep dish pizza (in most cases unless logistically it is easier to provide bulk) and has grown this year (2017) to also include donated pizzas to Veterans hospitals throughout the United States, with the goal of trying for one in every State.   None of these efforts would be possible without your support and appreciation of those we serve, and because this is only possible through your donations, we are very thankful that YOU have helped our projects and service men and women through your support..

...and we have done every Superbowl since then, and will continue to do so as long as we can...

THANK YOU for letting us proudly serve those who serve

General Dempsey gives a special video shout out to the troops.

SUPERBOWL 49  Reflections: While you don't see them eating any pizza here; The service members shown below also enjoyed our pizza in 2015...

...and yes it is True that even son of Chicago Bears owners John McCaskey had our pizza while deployed.  We were lucky enough to have him share some of his stories.


We would also like to recognize and thank the United States Armed Forces 

and the Department of Defense (DOD) without whom this would not be possible.

Click the football for our 2017 Operation Pizza Bowl Press Release

While our stream of the soldiers Superbowl watch party lasted throughout the broadcast, those same shots, as cutaways were mixed with the standard big game broadcast. 

Pre-Game: Shout out to service members from EVERY player from both teams.

Captain Holewinski had our for more



In terms of full service, our Military got to feel extra appreciated and recognized through the efforts of the DOD and the NFL.

Just look at what was done to recognize soldiers for Superbowl 48.

P4P content can be found at 1:34 of this broadcast.

​During the National Anthem service members (from the 2nd Calvalry) were shown at attention during the singing, little did they know they were being broadcast.

Together with the Department of Defense and DVIDS we provided a streaming broadcast of Soldiers eating our pizza during Superbowl 48. Click the videos below to recreate that broadcast.